Sanctum Self-Care subscription box launches in South Africa

Cape Town, 27 May 2021: Putting yourself first isn’t easy. It seems as if there is always an impending deadline or someone that is fighting for your energy and time. Despite being mostly home-bound this  past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has left many of us exhausted and burnt-out, which is where a little bit of self-care comes into play. While it manifests itself differently for each person, the objective
remains the same: prioritising your health, happiness, and overall well-being. The Sanctum Self-Care subscription box makes the art of self-care easy by bringing it right to your front door.

Each box is carefully curated with a new self-care theme each month. Your box will include a mix of all natural pampering body products, skincare, positive affirmations and stress-busting items. The deluxe box contains five or more eco-luxury products plus samples and a lifestyle activity from mainly South African
makers while the essentials box contains three or more eco-luxury products plus affirmation cards and a lifestyle activity. The Sanctum Self-Care subscription box encourages you to spend some quality with yourself in order to relax and reset.

“As a mother with a demanding career, I craved the opportunity to take time-out. When there was a spare 30 minutes, I would either feel too guilty to take a break because there was always something to be done, or would spend the time scrolling aimlessly through social media. I just didn’t know where to start. So the idea of receiving a box every month, that basically says – here, take me, this has been made for you and only you, try us, you’ll be a new you in half-an-hour – seemed like a welcomed solution. What is especially great about our subscription box is that our customers don’t need to do any additional thinking, we have done all the research. We have tried and tested the quality of the products we picked, but we also checked all the products to ensure there are no harmful ingredients and that they are ethically produced and animal-cruelty free. All our subscribers are left to do is enjoy the amazing, handpicked products and some valuable self-care moments” explains Sanctum Self-Care co-founder, Liza-Jane Saban.

Studies have shown that malaise, burnout, depression and stress — are all up considerably. Living through lockdown coupled with the fear of loss and uncertainty have adversely affected our mental health. Not to mention that more and more people have come forward to report that they experience Covid symptoms for many weeks or months after the illness is meant to subside. This phenomenon is so widespread that it now has a name: “long COVID.”

Jane Falck, Sanctum Co-Founder says “Self-care is vital for building resilience toward these kinds of stressors in life. When you’ve taken steps to care for your mind and body, you’ll be better equipped to live your best life” she continues “There’s no one rule that applies to practicing self-care. Your routine should be whatever you need in the moment to make yourself happier or more relaxed. Self-Care is also being conscious about what you put on and inside your body. Another really important aspect to the Sanctum Self-Care subscription box is that our subscribers are given the opportunity to detox their bathroom and beauty cupboards. So over and above helping to give you the tools and inspiration to
practice a little self-care, we also help our customers navigate their journey to more sustainable and non-toxic beauty practices. There are hundreds of excellent locally produced natural and clean products that we are excited to share through our platform.”

The Sanctum Self-care subscription box is a lovely reminder to exercise consistency.

Subscriptions available: Monthly, three-month, six-month and yearly subscription plans are available. Our subscribers will receive luxurious and unique items every month discovering new products or enjoying familiar favourites.

A Sanctum promise is that value will always be added to your purchase. Our Essentials Box includes 3-5 natural beauty and wellness products and a self-care activity for R599 is valued at R1700 while the Luxe Box comes with 5-7 natural beauty and wellness products and a self-care activity, costing R899 with a
guaranteed value of R2200.00.

The first box is themed SELF-LOVE and features bespoke products from amongst others brands Skin Creamery, Toni Glass, Karoo and Coast and Fijn. Subscribers also receive a set of Self-Love affirmation cards designed by the talented illustrator, Emma-Kate Acton. Sanctum Self Care partners with a South
African artist each month to create a deck of inspiring affirmation cards. The second box, BOOST, has just launched featuring all things to boost your mind, body and soul!

Anyone who wants to make taking care of themselves a priority can benefit from a Sanctum self-care subscription. It can also make for a thoughtful gift to someone in need of some self-love. Self-care doesn’t always have to involve an expensive spa day; a Sanctum Self-Care subscription box is one small step you can take to begin caring for yourself better.

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